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Michael Marcus (August 25, 1952) is an American jazz clarinetist and multi-woodwind player - A clarinet, bass clarinet, octavin, tarogato,
soprano saxophone; also tenor, baritone, bass, C melody, and straight alto (stritch), and saxello saxophones, composer and arranger.
Since releasing his debut recording as a leader, "Under the Wire" for Enja Records in 1991, he has appeared on over thirty-five
records for Soul Note, Justin' Time, Not Two, Boxholder, Ayler, Drimala, CIMP and Qwest/Warner.

He has composed over 125 original/recorded compositions. Marcus was a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts
Individual Artist Grant. Marcus' first professional gigs were with Albert King and Bobby "Blue" Bland. Michael has
recorded and toured with the Saxemble (Frank Lowe & James Carter) and with the great Mr. Jaki Byard. With Sonny
Simmons, he is the co-leader of The Cosmosamatics with 9 recordings and multiple domestic and international tours.
Michael performed in a duo context with master drum legend Edgar Bateman. Marcus and Ted Daniel comprise Duology,
which has collaborated with Andrew Cyrille. Michael continues to record and tour with his own group.

He has performed/recorded with: Albert King (w/Harold Attyberry, Oliver Johnson), Bobby Blue Bland (w/Mel Brown, Wayne Bennett,
Morris Atchison, Joe Hardin), Sonny Simmons, Jaki Byard Trio, Rahn Burton, Billy Higgins, Carlos "Patato" Valdes, Santi De Briano,
Ted Daniel, Henry Grimes, Nasheet Waits, Tarus Mateen, Jymie Merritt, Alvin Fielder, Chris Parker, Oliver Truchot, Neil Kirkwood,
Warren Smith. Vince Wallace, Fred Hopkins, Philip Wilson, "Bishop" Norman Williams, B.J. PAPA, John Handy, Clifford Barbaro,
Essiet Essiet, Masa Kamaguchi, Bob Cunningham, Roy Campbell, Butch Morris, Steve Neil, Eddie Henderson, Larry Hancock,
Joe LaBarbra, Jay Rosen, Mel Graves, Charles & Cody Moffett, Chris Sullivan, Reggie Nicholson, Carlos Ward, Aaron James,
Radu Williams, Matt Brewer, Big Joe Turner, Hill Greene, Butch Morris, Christian Ravaglioli, Jerry McKinney, Charlie Kohlhase,
Drori Mondlak, Itaru Oki, Makoto Sato, Erich Hunt, Tim Price, Muziki Roberson, Carlton Holmes, Aruan Ortiz, Keith Saunders,
Sam Dockery, Greg Murphy, Dwayne Burno, Mark Helias, Juni Booth, Eric Zinman, Eric Revis, Richard Clements, Hideji Taninaka,
Herbie Lewis, Joe Bonner, Sid Simmons, Taru Alexander, Andrew Cyrille, Roswell Rudd, Rashaan Carter, Antoine Roney, Grachan Moncur,
Francois Grillot, Eric McPherson, John Bacon Jr., Greg Piontek, Vincent Chancey, Henry Threadgill, Rudy Lawless, Leon Joyce, Daniel Levin,
Bob Arkin, Tom Bruno, Art Lewis, Peter Herbert, Emil Ram, Perry Robinson, John Patton, Scott Colley, Curtis Lundy, Bob Feldman, Dave Burrell,
Xavier Davis, Gene Jackson, Darrel Green, Emanuel Harrold, Reggie Workman, Tyler Mitchell, Sonny Rhodes, Donald Smith, Eddie Gladden,
Dominic Duval, Cecil Wells, Newman T. Baker, Georg Wolf, Bruce Edwards, Sadiq Abdushahid, Chris Amberger, Joe McPhee, Mort Weiss,
Don Friedman Trio, Heshima Mark Williams, Ron McClure, Theo Jorgensmann, Jonathan Robinson, Mike Boone, Luther Thomas,
Sandor Moss, Zarak Simmons, Grant Levin, Brian Ho, Don Alberts, Kiane Zawadi, Azar Lawrence, Larry Smith, Gary Strauss,
Sylvia Cuenca, Matt Vinders, Pheeron Aklaff and Wade Barnes.

Also, with Makanda Ken McIntyre Ensemble, Grachan Moncur's Big Band, Zane Massey's "Liberation Suite", Jemeel Moondoc's
JUS GREW Orchestra (w/Steve Swell, Bern Nix, Chad Taylor, Gerald Cleaver, N. Breedlove & Tyronne Hill), The Saxemble
(w/ Frank Lowe, James Carter & Cindy Blackman) - (2005), Joe Bowie's Defunkt, and performing in a duet with drum great,
Edgar Bateman and many more great artists.

Michael in 1997-8 had the pleasure to record & tour with the late great Mr. Jaki Byard! He is extremely active in the 2000's.
Co-leading the "Cosmosamatics" w/Sonny Simmons (touring & recording) - the Cosmosamatics have released nine CDs. Mr.
Marcus has seen the release of "Ithem" for Ayler Records - a 1993 date with William Parker and Denis Charles, his first
unaccompanied recording "Speakin' Out"(Drimala, 2002). He also cut two trio recordings for SoulNote Records "Blue Reality"
and "Soulifications"(w/Tarus Mateen & Jay Rosen or w/Nasheet Waits). Current projects are: "Duology", an innovative duo of
brass and Bb clarinet where he joins forces with Ted Daniel on their new release "Duology/Andrew Cyrille" 2012 on Jazzwerkstatt!
Duology "Golden Atoms" on SoulNote (2008), also "Michael Marcus & Magic Door", a new and flexible group representing
Michael's release for Not Two, "The Magic Door". Michael is currently focusing on his recordings and performances with the
Bb clarinet, exclusively. While Michael continues to grow into new visions in the new millenium, he is now also presenting his
music in the format of the traditional quartet/quintet of - "Clarinet-piano-bass-drums & percussion", keeping the flame alive!
This group includes: Jessie Crawford, John Austria, Charlie Taylor, amongst the members. Also of note: "Lotus Symphony"
released on Not Two Records in Nov. 2008 w/Taru Alexander, John Austria, Rashaan Carter, Radu Ben Judah, Jay Rosen
& special guest: Antoine Roney!

Jazz clarinetist, Michael Marcus' latest NYC performances have included - Alan Jay Palmer, Rashaan Carter, Russell Carter,
Dezron Douglas, Francois Grillot, David Bryant, Denton Darien, Benito Gonzalez & trumpeter Lenwood "Woody" Turner,
performing his latest compositions in his quartet! 2010: The Cosmosamatics tour! 2011: Michael releases "For Yes!" on NotTwo.
Invited to be part of Craig Harris' historic concert, "Breathe" (10/16/16).

Achievements of notice:

In June 1995, he participated in the first Roland Kirk Memorial at The Cooler, NYC, playing solo.

One of the last individuals to receive a performance grant from the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts), he composed the string
arrangements to his original music. These compositions were performed for the first time with a string quartet in November 1998
during a concert at the University of Memphis, as part of a Southern US tour and again in September 1999 at New York City's
Museum Of Modern Art.

In 2005 he has had the exceptional reward performing with the legendary drum master Edgar Bateman in a "duo" context.

In 2005 he also performed in England at the "On The Outside Festival" (w/Elton Dean, Paul Rutherford, Joe Morris & Alan Silva).

Read more:

Make sure to read Ludwig Van Trikt's Michael Marcus: Truth, Love and Soul , the most insightful interview to date with Michael Marcus,
on AllAboutJazz.com.


Blue Reality Quartet

(rec. 20)

Love Exists Everywhere - Chartreuse Tulips - Joe's Train - Coney Island Funk - Bluer Than Blue - East Side Dilemma - Warren's Theme

Michael Marcus : tenor sax, bass clarinet, bass flute
Joe McPhee : tenor sax, alto sax, alto clarinet
Warren Smith : drums, vibes
Jay Rosen : drums, percussion - - Rec. at Eastside Sound, New York City.

Michael Marcus : Stone Jump

(rec. 19, 20)

Stone Jump - The World Street - Dawn At Qumran - Fusion Anatomy - Baja - Involution - Flowering Optics - The T Man - Foreverness - Where Flamingos Dance

Michael Marcus : soprano sax, tenor sax, octavin, clarinet, tarogato
Denton Darien : piano - John Austria : Fender Rhodes piano
Tyler Mitchell : bass - Warren Smith : drums & percussion
Lawrence Feldman : alto flute - - Rec. at Eastside Sound, New York City.

Duology with Henry Grimes

(rec. O9)

Reconciliation - Spiral Landscapes - Quism - Reparations - Sonic Corridors - In Reference To - Truth Telling

Ted Daniel : Trumpet and French Hunting Horn
Michael Marcus : Bb and A Clarinets
Henry Grimes : Contrabass and Violin
Rec. at Columbia University, New York City.

elements in candor photo elements in candor.jpg

Elements In Candor
(forTune 0086{056})

(rec. 14)

Sunsets Falling in the Mirrors - HR5171 - Short Sellers' Squeeze - Leopard's Ascent - Lightfalls - Vianden's Viand - Elements In Candor
Clarinet Madness - The Real Clarinet Madness - Piano-Bass Duet - Gazing At Eternity - New World Reality - Sunflowers of the Wall

Michael Marcus : Bb and A clarinet. Theo Jorgensmann : Bb clarinet. Krzysztof Dys : piano. Andrzej Swies : bass. Krzysztof Szmanda : drums.
Rec. in Warsaw, Poland.
Album Cover Photo by Michael Marcus

Mort Weiss Is A Jazz Reality Show; photo Mort Weiss Is A Jazz Reality Show.jpg

Mort Weiss Is A Jazz Reality Show


Michael Marcus, special guest featured on "Just Friends"

with the Don Friedman Trio
Rec. in New York City.

Bay Area All Stars! "Now's the Time" photo NowstheTime.jpg

Bay Area All Stars! : "Now's the Time"
(Not Two MW 903 - 7 inch vinyl: Side A)

(rec. 02)

Now's the Time

Sonny Simmons : alto sax. Bishop Norman Williams : alto sax. Vince Wallace : tenor sax. Michael Marcus : saxello. Gary Strauss : trumpet.
John Handy III : alto sax. B.J. Papa : piano. Tarus Mateen : bass. Larry Hancock : drums.
Rec. in Oakland, CA.

 photo 5thFloorthumb.jpg

Frank Lowe, Michael Marcus, James Carter : Fire on the Fifth Floor
(Not Two MW 903 - 7 inch vinyl: Side B)

(rec. 99)

Fire on the Fifth Floor

Frank Lowe : tenor sax. Micheal Marcus : bass clarinet. James Carter : tenor sax.
Rec. in NYC

jazz-maalika thumb photo jazz-maalika-1.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Jazz-Maalika
(SaptakJazz 001 )

(rec. 13)

Moroccan Dreams - Coltrane in Paradise - Myna Love Call - Hare Krishna - Lavender - Tikum Olam (Healing the World)

Sonny Simmons : English horn, alto sax, vocals. Michael Marcus : Bb & A clarinets, tarogato. Jon Austria : piano. Rashaan Carter : bass. Jay Rosen : drums.
Special Guests - Gargi Shinde : sitar. Maitreya Padukone : tablas. Rohan Prabhudesai : harmonium. Rec. in NYC. Producer, Arranger : Michael Marcus.

 photo duologycyrille.jpg

Duology : Duology/Cyrille
(Jazzwerkstatt 123 )

(rec. 11)

Vigilance (Song for Troy Davis) - Zight Pulse - Eclectic Autumns - Balance Within the Realm - Tripartite (Body, Soul and Spirit) - Epicycles

Michael Marcus : Bb clarinet. Ted Daniel : trumpet, flugelhorn, khakai. Andrew Cyrille : drums.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus and Ted Daniel.

 photo simmonscharlieparker.jpg

The Sonny Simmons Quintet : Performs The Music Of Charlie Parker+
(Zingmagazine cd #9)

(rec. 11)

Si Si - The Gypsy - Coltrane In Paradise - Milestones - Boogie Blues - Sippin' At Bells - Sonny Simmons Comments On 56 Jazz Legends

Sonny Simmons : alto saxophone, English horn. Michael Marcus : bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, arranger. John Austria : piano. Rashaan Carter : bass. Taru Alexander : drums. Kiane Zawadi : euphonium.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus and Géraldine Postel.

Michael Marcus : For Yes!
(Not Two MW848-2)

(rec. 10)

Bird Comes Homes - Dragon Concerto - Healing Teardrops - In A Lagoon, Blue Magenta - Mojo Breakfast - Night Eyes In Spring - Riff-Be-In - Theme Dream - For Yes!

Michael Marcus : Bb clarinet. Lenwood Turner : trumpet. Rashaan Carter : bass. John Austria : piano. Clifford Barbaro, Darrell Green, Emanuel Harrold, Jay Rosen, Russell Carter : drums.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo lotussymphony.jpg

Michael Marcus : Lotus Symphony
(Not Two MW807-2)

(rec. 08)

As Always, Our Blessings - Seal Rock, Bird Rock - Peace People Theme - Elypsis - Sumatra - Seal Rock, Bird Rock - Lotus SYmphony - As Always, Our Blessings (reprise).

Michael Marcus : Bb clarinet. Antoine Roney : tenor sax. John Austria : piano. Radu ben Judah, Rashaan Carter : bass. Taru Alexander, Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo duologygoldenatoms.jpg

Duology : Golden Atoms
(Soul Note 12 1483)

(rec. 07-08)

Atoms Of The Heart - Ritual - As If - Qusim - Seeds Of Consciousness - Brotherhoods In Flight - Mr. Albert Ayler - The Probe - Night Parade - Un Poquito - Alternate Universe - Unanimity.

Michael Marcus : Bb clarinet. Ted Daniel : trumpet.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Duology.

 photo freewithinthelaw.jpg

Cosmosamatics : Free Within The Law
(Not Two MW 792-2)

(rec. 06)

Free Within The Law - Afro-Funk - Janet's Moods - May-Lee-High-Young (Beautiful Ocean) - Morning Daffodil - Ginger Root - The Pollish Rally.

Michael Marcus : clarinet, tenor sax. Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Peter Herbert : bass. Art Lewis : drums.
Rec. in Poland. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo duology.jpg

Michael Marcus and Ted Daniel : Duology
(Boxholder BHX 052)

(rec. 06)

Knock Knock - Sonic Corridors - Dark Sun - O.C. - Spiral Landscapes - Module - Pagan Spain - Wiggle Room - Human Factor - Lunar Shuffle - Cotton Candy - Sweet 'N' Lowe (for Frank Lowe) - Rhythm In Green.

Michael Marcus: clarinet. Ted Daniel : trumpet, flugelhorn, Moroccan bugle, cornet.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo magicdoor.jpg

Michael Marcus : The Magic Door
(Not Two MW 777-2)

(rec. 06)

The Magic Door - Hey Pee Wee (for Pee Wee Russell) - Blue Reality - Sonic Corridors - Abstractions in Lime Caverns - One More Minute - Morning Daffodil - Circular Worlds, Sitting Lights - Sunset Falling In The Mirrors.

Michael Marcus : Bb clarinet. Daniel Levin : cello. Rashaan Carter, François Grillot, Eric Rrevis : bass. Jay Rosen, Newman Taylor Baker : drums.
Rec. in NYC. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo soulifications.jpg

Michael Marcus : Soulifications
(Soul Note 12 1473)

(rec. 04-05)

Harmonious Beautious - The Iron Horse - News From Sedna - Road Dogg - Soulification - Talk-Walk - Garden Of The Clouds.

Michael Marcus : tenor sax, saxello, Bb clarinet. Tarus Mateen : electric bass, vocals. Nasheet Waits : drums.
Rec. in Milano, Italy and in NYC. Producer : Flavio Bonandrini.

 photo Zetrons.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Zetrons
(Not Two MW 764-2)

(rec. 04)

Crossroads Out ! - Road Dogg - Mingus Mangus - Serene - Shining Winds - Harmonious Beautious - Dance Of The Zetrons - 12 Seasons Of Love.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Michael Marcus : tenor sax, Bb clarinet. Maza Kamaguchi : bass. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in Krakow, Polland, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Vienna, Austria. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo reedsampbirds.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Reeds & Birds
(Not Two MW 757-2)


Intoxicating Galaxies - Cheryl (take 1) - Drifting On A Reed - 49th Street Stomp - Ballad Medley : Autumn In New York / In A Sentimental Mood - Bird Feathers - Cheryl (take 2) - Avant-Garde Destruct.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn, vocals. Michael Marcus : tenor sax, saxello, bass clarinet. Clifford Barbaro, Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in Prague, Czech Republic and NYC, USA. Producers : Sonny Simmons and Michael Marcus.

 photo magnitudes.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Magnitudes
(Soul Note 12 1443)


Uugmoanius - Avant-Garde Destruct (take 1) - Thank U Bird (take 1) - Tonal Magnitudes (take 1) - 12 Seasons Of Love - Telergy - Tonal Magnitudes (take 2) - Urban Nitemare - Thank U Bird (take 2) -
Avant-Garde Destruct (take 2) - 'Round Midnight.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax. Michael Marcus : baritone sax, saxello, bass clarinet. Tarus Mateen : bass. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in Milano, Italy. Producer : Flavio Bonandrini.

 photo cosmosamaticsthree.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Three
(Boxholder BHX 041)


Futura - Tonal Magnitudes - Cool Burn - Bring On The Funk - 12 Seasons Of Love - Avant-Garde Destruct - 'Round Midnight - Requiem For Anne Frank.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Michael Marcus : baritone sax, saxello. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo banlieuesblues.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : Live At Banlieues Bleues
(Bleu Regard CT 1963)


Avant-Garde Destruct - Quasar - 12 Seasons Of Love - Telergy - Aubade.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax. Michael Marcus : baritone sax, saxello. Tarus Mateen : bass. Andrew Cyrille : drums.
Rec. in Pantin, France. Producer : Michel Dorbon.

 photo speakinout.jpg

Michael Marcus : Speakin' Out
(Drimala DR 02-347-04)


New Earth (for Jimmy Giuffre) - Zone Tones - Journey In Cardamon - Beyond Our Horizon - Speakin' Out - Zebra Finch - Cornfeed - Saxitivity - Quasar - Next Earth.

Michael Marcus : straight tenor sax, straight alto sax, saxello, bass clarinet, Bb clarinet.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Philip R. Egert.

 photo bluereality.jpg

Michael Marcus : Blue Reality
(Soul Note 12 1383)


Truth Is In The Space - T&M - Blue Reality - Excursions In Milano - Metopia - Wintergreen Illusions - Flight Of The Monarch - We Still Hear You (solo) - Actually - Us & The Untold.

Michael Marcus : reeds. Tarus Mateen. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Flavio Bonandrini.

 photo thecosmosamatisII.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : II
(Boxholder BHX 030)


Fusionanatomy - Daughters Of Isis - Echoes Of Eric Dolphy - Queen Bee - Rio Bahia - Cosmic Curtis.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Michael Marcus : soprano sax, straight tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute. Curtis Lundy : bass. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo jusgreworchestra.jpg

Jemeel Moondoc Tentet : Jus Grew Orchestra
(Ayler aylCD-047)


Opulent Continuum - The Blue Dog : Blues For Earl Cross - Cosmic Tabernacle.

Jemeel Moondoc : alto sax, conduction. Zane Massey : tenor sax. Michael Marcus : baritone sax. Roy Campbell, Nathan Breedlove : trumpet. Steve Swell, Tyrone Hill : trombone.
Bern Nix : guitar. John Voigt : bass. Gerald Cleaver : drums. Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Jan Ström.

 photo sunwheels.jpg

Michael Marcus : Sunwheels
(Justin Time JUST 156-2)


Eternal All - The Zenith - Pinball - Golden Memory - Sunwheels - Moonvoices - Midtown Sojourn - Psychic Circles - Celestial Origins - We Are, Now.

Michael Marcus : saxello, straight tenor sax, stritch. Rahn Burton : organ. Carlos "Patato" Valdes. Nasheet Waits : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo thecosmosamatics-1.jpg

The Cosmosamatics : The Cosmosamatics
(Boxholder BHX 022)


Quasar - Mingus Mangus - Near - Beyond The Inner East - New Line Groove.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Michael Marcus : soprano sax, straight tenor sax, bass flute. James Carter : bass saxophone. Karen Borca : bassoon. Samir Chatterjee : tablas. William Parker : bass. Jay Rosen : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Michael Marcus.

 photo liveinny.jpg

Michael Marcus : Live In N.Y.
(Soul Note 12 1343)


Blue Halo - Serene - Message From Marcus - Involution - Thematic Collisions - 'Round Midnight - Message From Marcus (solo) - Blue Halo / Glittering Twilights.

Michael Marcus : reeds. Chris Sullivan : bass. Codaryl Moffett : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Flavio Bonandrini.

 photo bluesforaraggedlion.jpg

Bob Feldman : Blues For A Ragged Lion
(Reuvane 01)


Bob Feldman : tenor saxophone. Michael Marcus : tenor sax, clarinet. Kengo Nakamaura : bass. Warren Smith : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo spirithouse.jpg

Jemeel Moondoc and the Jus Grew Orchestra : Spirit House
(Eremite mte-029)


Quick Pick - Brass Monkeys - Flora - Spirit House - End Game - In Walked Monk.

Jemeel Moondoc : alto sax, conduction. Lewis "Flip" Barnes : trumpet. Roy Campbell, Jr. : trumpet, pocket trumpet, fluegelhorn. Tyrone Hill, Steve Swell : trombone.
Michael Marcus : baritone saxophone. Zane Massey : tenor sax. Bern Nix : guitar. John Voigt : bass. Codaryl Moffett : drums.
Rec. in Amherst, USA. Producer : Michael Ehlers.

 photo inthecenterofitall.jpg

Michael Marcus : In The Center Of It All
(Justin Time JUST 130-2)


Visiting Moments - Pannonica - Flight Of The Monarch - Badwater - Walking On Fire - In The Center Of It All - San Francisco Calling - Violet Petals - Invitation - Goodbye To The Smile.

Michael Marcus : saxello, sopranino, stritch. Gary Strauss : trumpet. Clark Gayton : trombone. Rahn Burton : organ. Nasheet Waits : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo hauntedmelodies.jpg

Haunted Melodies - Songs Of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
(Metropolitan MR 1114)

(rec. 09.02-03.98)

The Inflated Tear - The Haunted Melody. (Other titles without Marcus.)

Michael Marcus : manzello, strictch. Jed Levy : tenor sax. Justin Robinson : alto sax. Jimmy Greene : soprao sax. Scott Robinson : baritone sax. Xavier Davis : piano. Dwayne Burno : bass. Nasheet Waits : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Todd Barkan.

 photo involution.jpg

Michael Marcus and the Jaki Byard Trio : Involution
(Justin Time JUST 116-2)


Israel - Quadraphonics - The Legend Of Hale-Bop - Soultrane - Man From Lovejoy - Off Minor - Sacred Law - Dear Lord - Surfer Girl - Involution.

Jaki Byard : piano. Michael Marcus : saxello, straight tenor sax, stritch. Ralph Hamperian : bass. Richard Allen : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo thishappening.jpg

Michael Marcus and Jaki Byard : This Happening
(Justin Time JUST 98-2)


Earth Beings / 3=4 - This happening - Kelso Tracks South - Giant Steps / Naima - Steppin' Down With Jaki - The Cry For Peace - The Continuum - Kelso Tracks North - Darn That Dream.

Jaki Byard : piano. Michael Marcus : bass clarinet, saxello, stritch.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo judgmentday.jpg

Sonny Simmons : Judgment Day
(CIMP 118)


Judgement Day - Monk Mania - Sponge Garden - Waltz For Josette - The Call For Old Sirus - Augmentation.

Sonny Simmons : tenor sax. Michael Marcus : manzello, C-melody sax. Steve Neil : bass. Charles Moffett : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Bob Rusch.

 photo transcendence.jpg

Sonny Simmons : Transcendence
(CIMP 113)


Manhattan Rejects - Geraldine's Dream - Nuclear Fission - In The Arena - Phrazaronics - Lost Village Of Um' Tombey - Cosmosamatics.

Sonny Simmons : alto sax. Michael Marcus : stritch, manzello. Charles Moffett : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Bob Rusch.

 photo reachin.jpg

Michael Marcus : Reachin'
(Justin Time JUST 87-2)


Picnic In Blue - The Constant - Reachin' - Forgotten Paradise - Psalm Walk - Along The Line - Into Nowheresville - Stritch'n' - With You And Mind - Feels Like Home.

Michael Marcus : bass clarinet, saxello, stritch. Bruce Edwards : guitar. Steve Neil : bass. Cindy Blackman : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo saxemble.jpg

(Qwest 46181)


Hard Times - Medley : Freedom Jazz Dance / Rhythm-a-ning - War Of The Worlds - Monk's Mood - In Walked J.C. - Honkin' Fats - Lowe Down & Blue - Tribute - Ghosts.

Frank Lowe : tenor sax. James Carter : alto, tenor and baritone sax. Michael Marcus : manzello, bass sax. Bobby LaVell : tenor sax. Cassius Richmond : alto sax. Alex Harding : baritone sax. Cindy Blackman : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA.

 photo hereat.jpg

Michael Marcus : Here At !
(Soul Note 12 1243)


Top Of The Hill (Daly City) - This Happening - Ithem - Here At - Hidden Springs - Hurdles - Channel 3 - In The Center Of It All.

Michael Marcus : stritch, manzello, conn-o-sax. Ted Daniel : trumpet. Steve Swell : trombone. Fred Hopkins, William Parker : bass. Denis Charles, Sadiq Abdu Shahid : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Giovanni Bonandrini.

 photo ithem.jpg

Michael Marcus : Ithem
(Ayler aylCD-006)

(rec. 93)

Ithem, Take 1 - Under The Wire - Secret Oceans - Here At ! - Ithem, Take 2.

Michael Marcus : alto sax, bass clarinet. William Parker : bass. Denis Charles : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Jan Ström.

 photo saxemple.jpg

Frank Lowe and the Saxemple : Inappropriate Choices
(ITM Pacific 970062)


War Of The Worlds - Four Five+Six - Sandra's Dilemma - Inappropriate Choices - Melody For Melonae - Loweology - El Haz Malik Shabazz - Fuchsia Norval.

Frank Lowe : tenor and soprano sax. Carlos Ward : alto sax, flute. James Carter : tenor, baritone and bass sax. Michael Marcus : soprano, baritone and bass sax, stritch. Philip Wilson : drums.

 photo underthewire.jpg

Michael Marcus : Under The Wire
(Enja 6064)


Gummin' - Blue Halo - Dance Of The Angels - Pipelines - Kingdom's Chair - Under The Wire - Common Ground - Tribute.

Michael Marcus : soprano sax, bass clarinet, stritch. Ted Daniel : trumpet. Joseph Bowie : trombone. William Parker : bass. Reggie Nicholson : drums.
Rec. in NYC, USA. Producer : Matthias Winckelmann.

 photo backwoods.jpg

Sonny Simmons : Backwoods Suite
(WestWind 2074)

(rec. 1982)

Sparrow's Last Jump - Backwoods Suite - Title X - You Better Do It Now Before You Die Later - Manhattan Out - Chimes Of Time - Shores Of Trinidad - Backwoods Suite (reprise).

Sonny Simmons : alto sax, English horn. Joe Hardin : trumpet. Al Thomas : trombone. Michael Marcus : baritone sax. Joe Bonner : piano. Herbie Lewis : bass. Billy Higgins : drums.
Rec. in Berkeley, USA. Producer : Craig Morton.

 photo hitideharris.jpg

Hi Tide Harris : The Hey Day Of Hi Tide Harris
(Tezu Records)

(rec. 80's)

The Gentlemen's Blues - Great Googa Mooga - Happy Landing - Feel So Fine - Tanya - A Wet Dream Blues (Muse Blues) - Betty & Dupree - The Emperor's Blues - Operator - Stomping On Maxwell Street - Shirley Bee - Conversation.

Hi Tide Harris : guitar, vocals. "Bishop" Norman Williams : alto sax. Dave Smith : alto sax, flute. Mike Marcus : baritone sax. Sonny Lewis, Vince Wallace : tenor sax. Warren Gale, Al Malina, Harold "Pudgy" Attaberry : trumpet. Tricky Lofton : trombone. J.J. Malone, Stew Blank : piano. Ron Tompson : guitar. Steve Gomes, Bob Klein : bass. Lamont Scott, Shigeru "C-Chan" Inue : drums. J.C. : drums.

 photo sonnyrhodes.jpg

Sonny Rhodes : I Don't Want My Blues Colored Bright
(Black Magic)

(rec. 1976-77)

One More Drink - Take the Bitter With the Sweet - Just Got In - All Night Long They Play the Blues - Killing Floor - I'm So Lonely - Country Boy - How Long.

Sonny Rhodes : vocals, guitar. J.J. Malone : vocals, piano. Junior Watson : guitar. Gary Smith : harmonica. Brad Johnson : alto saxophone. Ken Baker: tenor saxophone.
Michael Marcus : baritone saxophone. Harold "Pudge" Attyberry : trumpet. Harold Banks, Richard Milton : drums.
Rec. in San Francisco, USA. Producer : Gary Smith, J.J. Malone, Sonny Rhodes.


"My Name is David" (2015) - Soundtrack - "Myna Love Call" composed by Michael Marcus


Tampere Jazz Fest, London Jazz Fest, Saalfelden Jazz Fest, Banlieues Bleus Fest,
What is Jazz? Fest, Vision Fest, Bolzano Jazz Fest, Winter Jazz Fest, Jazz d'Hiver Fest,
Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver Jazz Fests, Earshot Jazz Fest, and many more.

Blue Note, Sweet Basil, Iridium, Zinc Bar, Lenox Lounge, Fat Cat, Pearl's, Ortlieb's,
The A Train, Sunset Club, Ronnie Scott's, Small's, and many more.

Selected comments

"Marcus joins the ranks of such visionary jazz clarinetists as Don Byron, John Carter, Jimmy Giuffre, and Perry Robinson." All About Jazz

"Michael Marcus comes out of Coltrane, Kirk, and Dolphy but has his own sound." Thomas Conrad, Downbeat Magazine

"Marcus writes some of the finest tunes on the avant-garde scene." Time Out Magazine, NY

"Michael Marcus is a passionate player and a fluent composer of themes that inspire improvisers." Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe

"He plays on that Dolphy-esque knife between inside and outside that makes for joyous listening." Ben Watson, The Wire Magazine

"Michael Marcus has what every saxophone player strives for:  an immediately identifiable sound that speaks of soul, blues, and gritty edginess." Irwin Block, The Montreal Gazette

"Michael Marcus has it all...a disctinctive signature voice on all his horns, imagination as a soloist, the ability to write serpentine melodies with hooks, and the respect of his peers." Avant Magazine

"Michael Marcus is an excellent saxophonist who plays with extraordinary passion and inventiveness." Peter Evoskevich, Saxophone Magazine

"Here is a soloist that has style, flair, and soul." Ron Wynn, Jazz Times

"From the soul.  Marcus creates tone poems that swing." Jim Santella, AllAboutJazz.com

"Marcus goes for truth - wails an impassioned song." Rex Butler, All About Jazz, LA.

"Marcus creates brave music from deep spiritual wells." Cadence Magazine

"Michael Marcus is the most expressive and consistently rewarding reedists around." Jeff Stockton, All About Jazz, NY

"Master improvising clarinetist!" Cadence Magazine, 2007

Cosmosamatics play Bird                      Michael w/Bobby Blue Bland Band live 1981          Blue Reality Quartet Live - 2018

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